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Our Story

It all started a century ago in 1920, when Atanas and Zlata received their most valuable wedding gift – a beehive. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they happened to be living in one of the best honey producing geographies in the world, Bulgaria.Everyone in the family tree was a beekeeper, but it was about to stop with their great-grandson Mitko because he developed a severe allergy to bee stings at a young age. On his wedding day in 2019, Mitko and his bride Jen rediscovered this invaluable gift from his ancestors when they received the deed to the family apiary in Karlovo, Bulgaria.This took the couple by surprise, since they both had promising careers in Silicon Valley, California. However, they decided to follow their hearts and move to Bulgaria to continue family tradition, passion, and legacy making the world’s best honey.At Bulgarian Honey Company, we produce and select the best quality honey from sustainable local Bulgarian beekeepers, while creating positive social impact in the community and the ecosystem. Our vision is to share our love and cherishment for one of the world’s best natural resources, and have Bulgaria known internationally as the best honey producing region in the world!

The Story Behind the People

Beekeeping started in Mitko’s family 4 generations ago and has been passed down as a wedding gift from a generation to generation. At the time of their marriage, Jen and Mitko were living in Silicon Valley, California – Mitko worked at his dream job as a cyber security engineer and Jen had a career as a commercial property investor and life coach. Events then unfolded in the most unexpected way – Mitko, who by the way is severely allergic to bees, and his bride Jen, who by the way spoke no Bulgarian at the time, made the bold decision to move to Bulgaria and continue their honey-making family tradition.And this is how the journey of the 4th generation of beekeepers of the Bulgarian Honey Company began!

The Builder Bee

Building the strong foundations of “the hive”

The Creative Bee

Sharing Bulgaria with the World, through honey

The Queen Bee

Perpetuating and nourishing the beekeeping family traditions

The Story Behind the Bee

Meet Ela Pchela. Pchela means bee in Bulgarian. She is the embodiment of our core company values: love, happiness, FUN, and planet.

  • Love: Our company was born out of a wedding gift and passed down for four generations to Jen and Mitko’s wedding. Our company is the manifestation of our love for our family, Bulgaria, and the planet.
  • Happiness: Honey makes people smile. And so do good vibes and punny shirts. In addition to our commitment to giving the best possible customer experience, we provide an environment for our team and partners to thrive.
  • FUN: We love fun innovative flavors, puns, and HOT PINK! Although many of the problems we face in the bee industry today are very serious, we believe that good vibes attract good vibes and choose to have a positive attitude as part of the solution.
  • Planet: Our company mission is to share the world with Bulgaria and Bulgaria with the world through honey. In addition, we are committed to restoring the population of bees, which pollinate 70% of the foods humans eat every day, through our own apiaries, the causes we support, spreading awareness, and providing education.

Our Apiaries

Our apiaries are located in clean surroundings areas, with no commercial agriculture nearby that could grow GMO crops or use harmful pesticides.

Our Bees

We believe in sustainable beekeeping, which means that we will never abuse the hive for the sake of extracting more honey. We will NEVER feed the bees sugar during collection, as evidenced in our lab test results.Our honey is made with love. Beekeeping days are filled with bonding family activities that involve all our members, even the little ones!

Our Honey

Our honey is the culmination of 4 generations of expertise and knowledge passed from generation to generation.Pure honey never spoils when extracted properly, and we only extract our honey when the honeycomb is fully capped.Our honey is raw and unfiltered, which means after our honey is extracted from the hive, it is poured through a strainer to remove hard particles like wax, but not too fine to filter out the pollen. Our honey is never heated to a temperature that would decrease its nutritional value, as evidenced in our lab test results.Each jar of honey is single-origin and you can see the exact apiary and batch number your honey was harvested from on every label.While many honey companies lab test only when needed, or only take one sample per harvest, we lab test EACH small batch. That way, our lab test results reflect exactly what’s in your jar, and the results are available upon request.Quality always comes FIRST, which means everything is done according to the regulations and all the information and ingredients are. We value transparency and love sharing and engaging with you through our Youtube vlog and social media.

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