Help us create the top attraction in Plovdiv featuring your best work.

We created the Bulgarian Honey Company brand to share Love and Happiness with the Planet (and of course the most innovative and delicious honeys and mead!). 

Our store is a collaboration with the creative energy of our fans and community. It is ALIVE and constantly evolving!

Our store is located in the heart of Plovdiv at Otets Paisiy 3 and attracts many visitors every day. Please visit our store prior to submitting your proposal to have your work featured.

Here’s how you can get YOUR work featured in our store:

  1. The entire store is fair game. That means your proposal can be applied to any corner, wall, ceiling, floor, mirror, window, or even exterior of our store.
    In your proposal, if there is already something occupying the space you wish to transform, please suggest ways to reposition existing objects (i.e. paintings, the vending machine, the bee hive, etc.)
  2. Your work can be in any medium – painting, sculpture, print, video, audio, performance, lecture, poetry, a printed QR code…bee as creative as you want!
    Themes related to honey, bees, environmentalism, love, happiness, and overall positivity will be favored.
  3. Please include measurements, installation and electricity requirements, your timeline for completion, and any other relevant logistical information.
  4. You will be fully responsible for creating your project and installing it in our store. If selected, there will be no charge to display your work in our store. When designing your artwork, please keep in mind that our shop is unattended, so your artwork should not be fragile or easily removable.
  5. Your artwork will be presented with a sign “Featured by”, or as proposed by you.
  6. **BONUS** Proposals that include ways to bring more revenue to our store will be favored. We are very open to win-win ways to profit together!

Please submit your proposals to to be considered. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.